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eCommerce Optimization

eCommerce Optimization

When setting up tracking software for a business, it is crucial to work directly with key stakeholders to develop high-performing sales funnels. This includes tracking data from various channels such as Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and Taboola. By analyzing this data and using it to optimize our sales funnels based on business KPIs, we can ensure that our efforts are being effectively directed towards the growth and success of our company.

With years of experience in this field, I have developed expertise in tracking and analyzing data from multiple sources, enabling me to optimize sales funnels and achieve greater success for our business. Whether working on GA, FB, Thrive, Everflow, Cake, or HasOffers platforms, I am able to create effective tracking systems that provide valuable insights into how our customers are engaging with our products or services. So if you're looking for someone who can help set up a comprehensive tracking system for your business and maximize its performance across all channels, I'm your ideal candidate. Let's work together to achieve great things!

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  • Setting up tracking software including GA, FB, Thrive, Everflow, Cake, and HasOffers.

  • Working directly with stakeholders to develop high performing sales funnels for channels like Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Taboola.

  • Analyze data collected via advertising & organic channels for improvements.

  • Optimizing the sales funnels based on business KPI's.

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