The DTC industry is a crazy place! Being right in the middle of it, There are 2 things that fascinate me most about directing a MarTech SaaS product. First: The challenge of all the disparate data and how it could all be combined. And second: the trials of identifying the user problems and translating that into actionable insights for the customer.

I have enjoyed many projects and roles in the DTC, eCom & SaaS environments throughout my career. Through this, I have been down in the trenches, to flying in the clouds distilling the plan of attack. My roles have been geared towards product management, engineering, marketing, design, and strategy. I always love to take my personal and professional experiences and apply them to make products that matter. Through this, I focus on building amazing product teams with scalable technologies and operation processes to adapt to fluid environments.

I have successfully scaled, and optimize software and designs to earn 25MM.

- Understanding the challenge is at the center of what I do.
- I excel at the execution of bringing big ideas to life with constraints.
- Every informed decision should be back by data, but my gut is a good backup.

I can align, lead and grow portfolios from 1 - 100 products.

- I love to achieve success and grow, but mentoring others gives me greater happiness.
- I speak, read and write data, exec, creative & tech.
- I disperse cheer that motivates.
- I approach and stop any issue head-on. "If you see something, say something."

I invest, reflect, and grow myself to become a better me.

- I stay calm and cool when faced with adversity.
- I am constantly driving myself to learn and grow as a person professionally and personally.
- I focus on making high-quality, well-planned decisions, but I know how to act quickly

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