Please note most details of the project can not be revealed due to confidentiality.  

What is Ogopogo?

Ogopogo is a company of performance marketing experts dedicated to helping brands succeed. They possess the skills, from marketing, software engineering, and logistics consulting.

Cody worked to create the brand, information decks, production site and setup the affiliate tracking platform for the offers.

Codys contribution to the project

Cody worked directly with the client to create the brand to plan, execute and iterate upon the project. All work complete in this project was completed by Cody Reeves.

The project included:

  • Logo Development
  • Brand Identity Creation
  • Company based eCommerce site
  • Affiliate Funnel Built-outs
  • Affiliate Tracking Deployment
  • Development Team Manager

The Results

Brand Features



If you would like to learn more about the process and finer details of the project, please contact Cody directly to schedule a time to chat!

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This Projects Main Focuses

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