Please note most details of the project can not be revealed due to confidentiality.  

What is EZ-LTV?

EZ-LTV automatically turns your data into an easy-to-use profit dashboard and cohort reports, allowing you to easily understand where, when and how your customer's value changes over time. 

The product was created with the most advanced technologies including Spark, Kafka, Redis, GCP, BigQuery, Dataproc and Kubernetes.

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Codys contribution to the project

Cody was the Director of Product for the platform from its inception till his departure from the company.

As Director of Product, My role included:

  • Directly responsible for managing product staff to deliver features to a high level of business satisfaction. (Designers, QA Analysis, Engineers, Data Scientists and Contractors)
  • Develop and implement technology solutions in partnership with 3rd party platforms to meet business requirements set by the p
  • Team and organizational development, including hiring, setting goals, tracking and managing performance to build and maintain a high performing team
  • Project management and execution over the full project life cycle
  • Match resources and skills with project and support work, manage stakeholder expectations, and deliver on time and on budget and to the agreed upon scope
  • Create and deploy strategies to collect and analyze user feedback to distill into actionable user stories
  • Develop a business case and scope for features, while leading the development of the schedule and budget for each
  • Lead the brand and design of the UI/UX of the app
  • Lead the marketing efforts to grow the platform
  • Frontend Developer building the app and all uncoil web properties
  • Domain knowledge expert within the team in regards to eCommerce and media buying.

The Results

Featured on the Shopify App Store.

If you would like to learn more about the process and finer details of the project, please contact Cody directly to schedule a time to chat!

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